I drifted cross-country for this Months Flanagan Forays and teamed up with pals from the Media & Angling World. Its a great day out, and as Derek Evans reminded us its on line for the past 10 years. Once again we were lashing flies out in the one of County Wicklow gems in its crown,Annamoe Trout Fishery. It’s a beautiful fishery nesting on the banks of the Annamoe River. We arrived in plenty of time and our Itinerary was registration at 1030am, and we fished from 11am-1-30 pm break for lunch, and back out on the lake from 2-30pm-4-30pm. With presentation in the Annamoe Club House .Its was a beautiful morning, and on arrival the Annamoe Trout were surface feeding, and really tempting us Anglers to get geared up and lash a few flies out on the Lake. Soon we were mixing and mingling over a brew in the clubhouse, and discussing tactics for the day. Brian Nally owner of Annamoe welcomed all who traveled for the day, and gave us a break down of the basic rules on Annamoe. One fly, Barbless, measure your fish and release it. Simple even for a Minnow from the Midlands to follow.

MORNING SESSION. As the norm I got caught up taking a few fishy photographs, and was slow getting my lures into the water, but as soon as my colorful lure hit the water I was getting plucks and pulls. The Annamoe fish are well tutored, and I got it hard to hook-up, but was getting many takes and loosing my fish. The first fish I caught was on camera, and Liam Kane was into a hard fighting fish, as you can see In the photo gallery from Annamoe.Liam is pictured with Brian Nally of Annamoe, and IFI Brian Beckett. As I put the camera away John Buckley of Emerger Tackle was measuring a fish and about to release it back into the depths of Annamoe. I did eventually get into the action, and had two lovely fish from the morning session.

EVENING SESSION. After a fantastic lunch in the clubhouse we were back out on the banks once again. The Morning session was good to John Buckley, and Nemy Valean, hope I got name right. They had the best of the fishing, with some cracking rod bending action. Dave McBride, and Derek Evans also had a few fish, as did Peter o, Reilly. Once again as in the Morning session the fish were reluctant to hold onto my fly, and I had many more takes but failed to improve on my 2 fish catch. I did have a lovely rainbow coming to the net under the watchful eye of IFI officers Des Chew and Josie Mahon, but we parted company just as I went to net the fish. A well “Shit” happens even in the Angling World.Diarmaid Fleming of BBC World service had the best evening session, and banked the longest fish to take Top Rod in the Media competition. Nemy Valean banked 8 lovely fish for 323points; John Buckly also had 8 fish for 293points. Derek Evans was in the thick of the action having banked 4 fish, as did Dave McBride. The rest of us were down the line as they say.

ANNAMOE PHOTO/GALLERY AND CONTACTS. I leave you with some of the photographs I took at this years Media competition, plus contact details for Annamoe.Brian Nally has a fantastic fishery, and is an out and out gentleman. It’s a super venue for a family day out, or corporate outing. Brian can be contacted on 0404-45470 or check www.annamoetroutfishery.com