Royal Enfield Angling Club

2-Day International Angling Festival

9th/10th June 2018.

Royal Enfield Angling Club held their annual 2-Day International Festival over the weekend of the 9th/10th of June.  As in previous years the event proved to be well attended with 54 anglers attending from all over Ireland and the UK.  In total the Club paid out over $4300 in prizes.

The matches were held on stretches of the Royal Canal at Ferrans Lock and Longwood

The event as always has received terrific support and sponsorship and the club would like to thank the following for their generous sponsorship:

Waterways Ireland

Present from Waterways Ireland was Mr Enda Raleigh

Massive thanks have to go to Waterways Ireland on the continuing work which is being completed along the Royal Canal sections preparing the shared facilities.

The Fishing was excellent, with some large weights of bream coming on both days and individual bream up to 5lb being recorded.

The results of the Festival were as follows:


1st:        Tom Fairhurst, UK  (57lb) who received over €900, the Progressive Genetics Cup and a Crystal Trophy presented by Waterways Ireland

2nd:       Colin Oliver, Naas (51lb.2ozs) who received over €500 and a Crystal Trophy presented by Waterways Ireland.

3rd:        Derek Wane, UK (48lb. 1ozs) who received €400 and a Crystal Trophy presented by Waterways Ireland.  Derek amassed a weight of 47lb 1ozs of bream on Sunday to charge up the field.

4th:        Dave Trafford, UK (46lb.8ozs) who received €300

5th:        Pat Gill, Allenwood (37lb.13ozs) who received €85