Press Release from Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland


Cónaidhm Iascairí Breac na hÉireann

The Official National Governing Organisation

Established 1931

Press Release.

The Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland, having consulted extensively with its membership on the review of the 1959 fisheries act, have been mandated to oppose any imposition of regulations which are currently being drafted by the Minister and his Department.

TAFI will vehemently oppose on behalf of its members any attempt to impose any of the following;

  • A compulsory angling charge.
  • A register of anglers
  • A National identity card
  • The imposition of penalty points on its members
  • Any attempt to alter the current status enjoyed by our member Clubs through title research.

Members should lobby their local Politicians seeking their support in preventing any attempt to have the above legislated for.

The Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland implores the Minister to recognise the invaluable contribution made by anglers and angling clubs to the local economy and the vital role they play in promoting and protecting this valuable industry.

The proposed measures would only undermine this crucial industry, worth an estimated €750 million per year, and lead to its demise.