Yes, local anglers had a whale of a time last week catching super trout and cracking pike. Lure and fly anglers both had success on the likes of Owel, Ennell and the Whitelake. We also met a few characters up at Lilliput who are big into fishing. Sadly this week we also heard the news of the death of Big Jack Charlton who I had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with. One of our angling legends from the Castlepollard area also passed away and also Lough Bane Vice – Chairman.  As they say gone but never forgotten.

QUINLAN BOYS: It was a long time on the cards but eventually I teamed up with Ed Quinlan and his two sons Aidan and Conor. Ed is originally from the Lynn Road area but is now a Downs resident and big into the Downs G.A.A. scene. We had a few lovely hours on Owel with his young lads who are quite keen anglers and caught two lovely trout, a pike and one perch. Another day is in the pipeline for Ennell and I hope to get the lads stuck into a big pike.

LEROY AND BROWN TROUT: Another angler drifting across the Midlands last week was Leroy McEvoy. I met Leroy some years back on Ennell and he contacted me about a day’s fishing on Owel. It was tough going on the fly but we stirred a few trout and were lucky enough to catch a few. We also trolled for a bit with colourful lures, and these attracted some nice fish. Leroy who is from Athy is a water bailiff on the River Barrow had the best trout weighing 2lbs 9oz. We have a day penciled in for August when hopefully evening fishing will be at its best on Owel.

GORDON DAVIS BACK IN TOWN: Yes, quite a few city slickers are dropping into the midlands as travel restrictions are eased. Our good pal Gordon Davis was back in town for a day’s fishing, and we had some sport last Tuesday in brutal wet conditions. Gordon has a bucket list for angling and this time around we had to tick off a pike on the fly. This was done and some of the pike we caught were in super conditions. We also did a bit of perch fishing and the pike also took a shine to our small perch lures. Gordon, who is an International Sailing Judge has a bit of time on his hands these days and the next tick on the bucket list is a day on Mount Dalton for trout.

LILLIPUT IN FULL SWING: Good to see local and visiting anglers back out & about on Ennell near Lilliput. It’s a fantastic hidden corner here in the Midlands and facilities are top notch at Lilliput, with a super slipway for launching boats and plenty of car parking area. Recently I met up with Pete Ganly of Lilliput hire and some fine tulips arrived on the scene in the form of Tom Sweeney and Seamus Daly of Castletown Geoghegan. Tom is originally from my neck of the woods in Mullingar and some may remember Seamus had a splendid coffee shop in the old mall where the Mullingar Credit Union is now. Seamus and his angling pal Mick Clarke are fired up for the coming weeks when Murroughs and Peters will soon start to hatch on Ennell. On the day I met the lads at Lilliput Boat & Hire Cormac Burke and his dad Declan were out pike fishing, and the Offaly anglers had some nice pike. Pete Ganly has a fantastic fleet of boat and engine’s for hire. If you fancy a day out when ever this weather settles. Pete can be contacted on 087-6492866.

SAD NEWS: Unfortunately we end this weeks Angling Focus on a sad note as some of our fantastic angling characters have passed away. Big Jack Charlton who I had the pleasure of fishing with has died. Mick Hayden from the Castlepollard area also sadly passed away, as did Lough Bane Vice Chairman Matt Hand. On behalf of Angling Focus we send our deepest sympathies to all families.

THAT’S IT: More news on the pike and trout scene next week, and I also hope to drop into O’Malleys and see what deadly flies are tied up for the Murrougs and Peter season. I got a few flies off Johnny O’Malley recently and they are deadly. I don’t tie flies and actually get it hard to tie my laces some mornings. Could be age or arthritis. Tight Lines until next week.

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