Angling Focus will never be the same from here on in, and now the fish are talking back to us. Why not you have Dog whispers, Horse whispers, and now we have Fish whispers. Fish Talk TV.   is up and running. Speaking of fish we had an interesting week here in the Angling World.Derravaragh and the River Inny produced some super fish for visiting Anglers. Some of the pike were very raw looking, and I made some inquiries and the fish were covered with lice, and experts tell me they were trying to remove the lice and tore their flesh. I suppose it make sense if you have an itch you scratch it .I have to cast back to the end of the trout season competition presentations in Caffreys.Unfortunally we don’t have space for all our fishy pics, and we left out a few great angling characters last week. We got cracking pics this week of a super end of season rainbow from Lough Lene. Noel Farrar originally Co Offaly, now Tallagh in Dublin had a super fish on the fly-fishing with Eugeen Fagan.

FISH TALK T.V. It s up and running from its broadcasting studios in Crookedwood, and Clontarf in Dublin.Fish Talk is a weekly live online sport fishing show and Alan Broderick is reeling pushing out the boat in the angling world. The program is available on Youtube, Smart TV, and I will be going live to talk about my angling adventures here in the Midlands early November. Fish Talk T.V covers Sea, Game, and Coarse fishing, and also features some of the greatest angling legends both in Ireland and across the waters. Check it out on youtube.comfishtalklive.

CRACKING PIKE. The trout season is done and dusted and we are gearing up for a super winter pike fishing season. Last weekend Mauro Spresian and pal Daniele Polo dropped over from Treviso in Italy. They were checking out what we had to offer on the angling scene, and were so impressed are coming back in 2015.They stayed in Kerrigan’s and wines and dined on the best of food and drink Mullingar had to offer. Plus had some cracking pike from Derravaragh and the River Inny.

LICE ON FISH. A lot of the trout from Owel this year were covered with fresh water lice, and the pike also have a problem with lice. I photographed Daniele Polo last week on Derravaragh with a super double figure pike, and to be honest the fish was in bad condition .It hammered the lure and fought like hell, but when I netted the fish, it was very badly marked on the body, as you can see from the photograph. The fish was raw looking, and I believe it’s from a problem with freshwater lice. If any of our readers come across fish with this problem please take a quick snap and send it in to me. As mentioned I had a lot of trout from Owel with lice, and also pike from Ennell.

CAST BACK. We covered the end of season trout competitions last week, and unfortunally had not enough space for all our presentation photographs. We had a super end of season presentation night in Caffreys Lounge, and it’s certainly all to look forward to on the trout scene in 2015.Its hard to believe the 2014 trout season has drifted by and we are already thinking of March 1st next.

LENE CRACKER. I was chatting to Eugeen Fagan on Owel before the trout season closed, and he was telling me about some of his angling adventures on Lene.Eugeen has featured in Angling Focus quite often, and lives in Tallagh, but originally come from Multyfarnham.On the last day of the season on Lene September 30th he was out with Noel Farrer also Tallagh, but an Offaly lad originally. It’s amazing how from drift from your home County, but keep coming back. Anyway the lads had a super day on Lene and Noel boated a beautiful rainbow reckoned to be 7-8lbs in weight. The fish was released after a quick snap, which was taken by Eugeen.

BANE WINNERS. Lough Bane Anglers had their annual night out recently in Teddy’s Pub Moylough, Co. Meath.On the night the fundraising draw took place, and I.T.F.F.A. youths took first prize of 500 Euro. Andy Bell picked up 300 Euro, Ciaran Doyle was 3rd and won 200 euro. Lough Bane is closed for fishing and will reopen on March 1st next year.

THAT’S IT. It’s the dreaded dead line, and that the last think an angler wants. I got more info from Waterways Ireland and the biosecurity measures being implemented on the on going problem of invasive species. I will post on  Midland angling site this week. Its 4 page press release and will take some reading. News next week of a big win up North for one of Mullingars Top Predator anglers. Watch this space.

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