“Married to Victoria”

ITFFA National Championship

Balbriggan angler Stuart Marry realised a boyhood dream when he won the National Challenge Trophy at the Irish Trout Fly Fishing Associations National Angling Championship. Stuart, who has been trying for over twenty years to represent his country, won this prestigious trophy with eight beautiful trout for 1.733 kg. This competition took place on Saturday 14th June 2014 and although fishing conditions were extremely difficult with long periods of blinding sunshine, temperatures in the mid-twenties, and little or no wind, Lough Lein provided nonstop action from start to finish.

These tough angling conditions demanded great skill and stamina from the 126 anglers who departed from Ross Castle at 10.00 am to face the eight hour challenge that lay ahead. Stuart and his boat partner Tony Hogg were taken to the Victoria area of the lake by experienced Killarney boatman, Benny O’Dea. “You’re in the best part of the lake” said Benny, as wished the guys the very best of luck while they carefully prepared a cast of nymph patterns. It wasn’t too long before the guys got their first taste of these lightning fast Killarney trout which fell to the tried and trusted Diawl Bach. Stuart was in luck, the trout really liked what was on the menu as time after time they locked on and refused to let go of his personally tailored nymph pattern. As 6 pm approached the guys departed for the shoreline and Stuart contemplated whether or not his eight trout would be enough to secure him that long awaited Irish Team Blazer. He was however reliably assured by Tony and Benny that he could put his mortgage on it. Tony and Benny were to be proven right as anglers required at least three good trout to qualify. Other successful anglers who qualified to represent Ireland in 2015 include Mike Keady (Galway), Thomas O’Loughlin (Clare), Andy Duncan (Weatmeath), Martin McGorian (Dublin), Francis McSharry (Leitrim), Joe Quinn (Mayo), Simon Yorke (Westmeath), Paul Burke (Tipperary) and Stephen Ellis (Fermanagh). These anglers will represent Ireland at the 2015 International Fly Fishing Association (IFFA) International Match. We wish these anglers the very best of luck as they prepare to represent their country.

These beautiful Lein trout will test the skill of the most discerning angler. To be successful on Lough Lein the angler must fish small flies on light tackle and have lightning fast reflexes. These trout are very handsome indeed and pound for pound they put up a great scrap. Lough Lein will provide excellent sedge fishing until October and you can also go hunting for those deep water daphnia feeders. Angling on Lough Lein is an experience not to be missed, the scenery is absolutely breath taking, and you will cherish the experience forever.

ITFFA would like to thank Killarney Anglers, the ITFFA Munster Committee and Killarney National Parks Authority who made this competition a great success. If you are contemplating a visit to Killarney don’t leave without paying a visit to Lough Lein. Boat hire is available locally and be assured, you will receive a welcome that is synonymous with this beautiful place.