I.T.F.F.A. National Final Results Press Release By Denis Goulding

National Results Lough Mask

The Irish Trout Fly Fishing Association held their National final on Lough Mask on the 7th of May.

IMG_8565 (Small)Over 125 anglers qualified from their respective province to fish this final. The competition was held from 10am to 6pm on a semi catch and release basis. Only one fish was allowed to be killed by a competitor and all the remaining trout caught that day were returned, if the competitor caught a fish over 13 inches, the fish was recorded by the steward in the boat as a 1lb in weight. The angler with the biggest weight over the eight hours would win the competition.The top ten anglers in the event would qualify to fish for their country in 2017

Despite cold wet conditions Lough Mask fished well and there were a lot of trout caught over 13 inches.

It was a great day for one man in particular, Seamus Kelly won the event after many , many years of trying with 7 fish. A great result in cold conditions.

Seamus’s achievement also writes the Kelly family in the history books. As both Padraig and Patrick Kelly, His father and brother have also previously won the national championship. This is the first time  this has happened in the History of  the I.T.F.F.A.

Seamus Kelly is a native of Mayo and has lived with his family all his life on the shores of Lough Conn. Seamus has come close many times to the National Title in the past, but there was no denying him last Saturday.

The I.T.F.F.would also like to thank the Ballinrobe Anglers who in conjunction with the Connaught Committee organised the event. I also want to thank all the experienced boatmen and women who brought the anglers out for the day and more importantly brought them all back in safely.

Top Ten Anglers qualify for the internationals next year.

  1. Seamus Kelly–Ballina Cloghans — 7 fish –7.506lbs
  2. Mark Clelland–straid–7 fish—7.392lbs
  3. Noel Shiels- Silverstream- 6 fish- 7.388lbs
  4. Aden Heffernan — Ballina Cloghans– 7 fish — 7.334lbs
  5. Arden Pollock — Agivey — 7 fish —7.324 lbs
  6. Eoin Dunne — Dublin Trout — 6 fish — 6.38 lbs
  7. Paul McArdle — Monaghan — 6 fish — 6.298lbs
  8. Patrick O Loughlin — Ennis — 6 fish — 6.184lbs
  9. Fabien Tronche — Owenabue — 6 fish —- 5.87lbs
  10. Daniel J Byrne-  Brosna — 5 fish  – 5.224lbs


11.Brian Hall — Ballinrobe — 5 fish –5.196lbs

12.Andrew Duncan— Brosna — 5 fish — 5.078lbs

Odd numbers and going to Grafham water in England

Even numbers will be going to the lake of Menteith in Scotland