The Leinster Qualifier was held on Lough Owel on the 1st of October, fishing was very good on the lake 3 weeks before the competition, with great catches from the likes of James Fagan, Brendan Murray, Andy Boyle and Paddy Ward. Fish were being caught all over the lake on a variety of tactics from pulling lures to dry olives. However, the fishing had steadily got worse as the competition approached. The morning of the competition was very cold and with light winds and bright skies forecast, conditions were not looking good to say the least. 71 Anglers took part in the competition to try and take one of the 30 places on the Leinster National Team. Many thanks to the Lough Owel Club for all their help and for allowing the I.T.F.F.A Leinster Qualifier to be held on Lough Owel..


I spent a very enjoyable day afloat with Silverstream Anglers Club Secretary Paul Owens. Paul was unlucky not to land a fish but fortunately two fish graced my landing net. It was very tough out there with 39 fish caught by 71 anglers as the results below show. Well done to Keith Flemming from Lough Dereverragh Anglers Association who landed 4 fish for 7lb 4.6ozs in such tough conditions to win the competition.

Top 5 Anglers:

  1. Keith Flemming Dereverragh 4 fish 7lb 4.6ozs
  2. John mulvanney Lough Bane 5 fish 6lb 11.8ozs
  3. Tom Hipwell Dublin Trout 2 fish 5lb 4ozs
  4. Gary Coakley Dublin Trout 2 fish 4lb 10.6 ozs
  5. Denis Goulding Kilbride 2 fish 4lb 4.2ozs

List of qualifiers:

  1. Keith Flemming – Dereverragh
  2. John mulvanney – Lough Bane
  3. Tom Hipwell – Dublin Trout
  4. Gary Coakley – Dublin Trout
  5. Denis Goulding – Kilbride
  6. Alan Delaney – Wicklow
  7. Gerry Heslip – Dublin Trout
  8. Donal Monaghan – North Kildare
  9. Colin Cahill – Lough Bane
  10. Jimmy Cahill – Lough Bane
  11. Stewart Marry – Balbriggan Skerries
  12. Sean Goulding – Kilbride
  13. John O’Neill – Dublin Trout
  14. Oliver McCormack – Broad Meadows
  15. Dave Egan – Lough Lene
  16. Eoin Dunne – Dublin Trout
  17. John Cooke – Dereverragh
  18. Liam Gilsenan – Dereverragh
  19. Peter Crilly – Wicklow
  20. Terry Walsh – Clane
  21. Mick Francis – Ballymore
  22. Paul Delaney – Dublin Trout
  23. Ben Browne – Wicklow
  24. John Maguire – Kilbride
  25. Noel Shiels – Silvestream
  26. Dj Byrne – Lough Lene
  27. James Doyle – Dublin Trout