I.T.F.F.A. Leinster Championships On Owel By Denis Goulding.

I.T.F.F.A. Leinster Corcoran Cup Lough Owel

Leinster I.T.F.F.A. would like to thank Lough Owel Anglers Association for all their help, and to Jack and Michael Doolin and Dermot Brohan of the I.F.I. for their help also. It was a calm sunny day, fishing was hard for most with a lot of anglers not catching any fish.

86 Angler took part in the competition and 74 fish were recorded.


Well done to Julie Gerry on winning the event with 6 fish

David Egan caught the heaviest fish of the competition at 3lb

Leinster Championship Results 2016 placing and team positions.

Congratulations to Julie Gerry on winning the event . Top Angling.


  1. Julie Gerry 9lb 4.6 oz
  2. Liam Cox 7lb 11 oz.
  3. Ken McCarthy 7lb 7.8 oz
  4. K. Newman. 7lb 2.2oz.
  5. Colin Cahill 7lb 2oz. (Double qualified)
  6. Ben Browne 6lb 15oz.
  7. B. Hempkins 5lb 10.6oz.
  8. P. Ward 5lb 10.2 oz.
  9. J. Brennan 5lb 9.6oz.
  10. S. Marry 5lb 5.8oz
  11. M.Mc Gorian 4lb 9.4oz
  12. J. Plunkett 3lb 13.4oz
  13. E. Fagan 3lb 13.4oz
  14. A.Duncan 3lb 12.6oz.
  15. B. Murray 3lb 12.4oz.
  16. Kieran Doyle
  17. P. Berns
  18. N. Shiels

Cut off 3lb 12.4oz


  1. Donal Monaghan
  2. Paul O’Brien
  3. Dave Egan

Best Fish: Dave Egan 3lb 5oz.