It was hard going last weekend, with high water levels and the first good blast of frost had temperatures plummeting on our waterways. The rivers are in flood, and news of some trout starting to head up river to spawn has reaches us. The lakes are also quite high and if you have not taken in your boat, it’s best to check it this week. Some are in a bad shape and actually submerged in water. On the competition scene recently Glore, Derravaragh, and Polish Angling Club Fishmaniak hosted their last pike competition also on Derravaragh.Also this wee ka bit of sea angling news, for any of our Midland readers who love a day on the high seas. Plus as we drift into December we take a look back at some of the best catches of 2014, and have some lovely 11×14 framed prints for some lucky anglers.

FISHMANIAK COMPETITION. Polish Angling club Fishmaniak recently hosted their last pike competition of 2014 here in the Midland on Lough Derravaragh.The club members some who live and work in the Midland area spend a lot of time fishing across Westmeath. The competition was strict Catch & Release, and all fish were measured on club measuring boards. The fishing was tough with a lot of fresh water gushing down the River Inny and the water was slightly discoloured. On the day 22 pike were caught and released, mostly small jack pike. 1st place went to Maciej Zielinski with 7 pike for 287cm, 2nd Cezary Kowalski 3 pike for 178cm, and 3rd Maciej Tokarski 4 pike for 169cm.The presentation of prizes took place on Donore Shore.

DERRAVARAGH ANGLERS.Lough Derravaragh Anglers also were in action recently, and fished their Christmas pike competition. On the day Collinstown angler Pat Daly rattled the scales with a pike of 16lbs 8oz to take Top Rod. In second place was Jimmy Ledwith with 5lbs 5oz, and 3rd Christy Cox 4lbs 10oz. Lough Derravaragh is open for membership in 2015, and if interested give me a bell and I will forward contact details. Boats are available for hire at Donore shore; contact Karl Meehan if you need one, 085-8003525.

GLORE ANGLERS.Glore anglers are buzy on the pike competition scene and the most recient competition winners were Pat Daly,Young Elle Daly and David Boyle.The club members are back in action this coming Sunday November 30th, and the competition will be fished from 10am-3pm.

ON THE SEA FRONT. Fancy a go at catching a specimen Spurdog, well here is some useful information that will point you in the right direction. Quite a few of our Midland anglers love a day out on the sea, and there is always the chance of landing a specimen fish or two. I have met Kit Dunne of Wicklow Boat Charters through the angling game, and he is a top class Skipper, and has 2 boats Lisin & Castle Maiden available for Charter trips out to sea. The last group out with Kit has over 50 Spurdogs, which were all released. It’s an ideal winter trip that will shorted the winter months, and also give you some rod bending action. Kit can be contacted on 087-6832179.

BREAKING NEWS. Irish Midlands Angling Club has set up a facebook page, which is going to promote fishing in the Midlands and across Ireland. Plus supporting catch & release for our predator and coarse fish species. Ronan Fox of Irish Midlands Angling clubs tell us competition will be coming on line with some good prizes up for grabs.Watch this space.

THAT’S IT. Next week hopefully some news on the trout spawning season. Plus we cast back through our pages in 2014, and have some lovely framed prints of local anglers with their prized catch of this season. Tight Lines till next week.

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