The Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland (TAFI) wishes to express its disappointment and frustration regarding the direction being taken by the Board of Inland Fisheries Ireland with regard to their proposed closure of IFI Fish Farms and the cessation of the production of Freshwater Trout.

The Boards failure to consult with, or respond to, TAFI’s request for a meeting on this issue shows a blatant disregard of this Federation and its members.

TAFI is dismayed that a report commissioned by Inland Fisheries Ireland at great expense to the tax payer is disregarded and its recommendations ignored and not acted upon.

The failure of Inland Fisheries Ireland to invest in this essential support, which is vital to our Trout Fisheries and to our economy and, leads us to suspect that there are those within IFI that believe the privatisation of this important asset is the way forward.

It is the view of TAFI that the massive contribution made by Trout anglers to the Brown Trout Fisheries and to the sport of Trout Angling, and to the economy of this Country, is purposely being disregarded by IFI. It is also our view that but for the development work carried out by our members there would be no Trout in our Lakes, and Rivers for Tourists and locals to enjoy, and not to forget our role in marketing and protection. All of this work comes at a serious financial cost to our members. It is high time the Board of IFI recognises this contribution and starts to make a reciprocal contribution to our member clubs for the work being done.

TAFI will strenuously oppose the closure of the trout hatcheries at Roscrea, Cullion, and Cong, our members want to see the Board of IFI to commence immediately an investment plan to upgrade these facilities rather than to abandon them.

We are calling on the Board of IFI to start working with the Trout Federations to build a sustainable product rather than follow the agenda of those whose obvious intention is that of self-interest.


Charles Kennedy.

Chairman Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland





The National Anglers Representative Association (NARA) are preparing for an angling dispute following the recent announcement by Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) that it will be exiting from freshwater trout production. This announcement represented a significant change in IFI policy and was made without any consultation with affected stakeholders.

NARA has written to the Chairman of the Board of IFI, Mr Fintan Gorman, asking for plans to cease trout production operations to be postponed until such time as consultation has taken place. Unfortunately NARA was unable convince the Chairman to postpone the exit from trout production.

In 2015 IFI   engaged the services of Canadian Aquaculture Systems Inc to conduct an expert review of IFI fish farming activities with a view to making recommendations to support the optimization of the production of trout in an effort to identify challenges and constraints in the production process and to propose practical solutions to enhance productivity and performance. Canadian Aquaculture Systems Inc produced “An Expert Analysis to Support Optimised Production of Freshwater Trout”. This expert analysis identified various options aimed at addressing deficiencies in the trout production process, however it did not recommend that IFI exit trout production operations.

A 2013 “Socio-Economic Study of Recreational Angling in Ireland” which valued recreational angling €755 million annually to the Irish economy and stated that the sector is responsible for more than 10,000 jobs. If the decision to cease operations proceeds jobs will be lost and the €755 million generated through recreational angling will suffer.

NARA will be seeking a mandate from its membership to cease angling on affiliated club waters until such time as IFI agree to implement the recommendations contained within “An Expert Analysis to Support Optimised Production of Freshwater Trout”.





Inland Fisheries Ireland extends public consultation period on freshwater trout production and encourages further engagement


Tuesday, 2nd of August: Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has announced the extension of its public consultation on freshwater trout production to facilitate the fullest possible consideration by the Board of IFI of the views of stakeholders.


The Board of IFI recognises the depth of stakeholders’ viewpoints on this issue and wants to allow for their complete consideration and comprehensive participation in the process. The consultation period, which was originally due to close on 19 August, has now been extended until 19 September as outlined recently by Minister of State Seán Kyne.


Stakeholders are encouraged to make a submission through the consultation process, the findings of which will be comprehensively reviewed and considered by IFI, and a report made to Minister Kyne’s Department, before any further steps are taken. There will be no disruption to the supply of fish during this process.

Information on the consultation is available at or from any IFI office. Submissions should be made in writing on or before 5pm on 19th of September 2016 to the following address: Fish Farm Consultation, Inland Fisheries Ireland, 3044 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin D24 Y265, Ireland, or in electronic form to

For more information, visit