Our local lakes are making the headlines across the Angling World, with some super pike, perch, and trout coming on board. Last week we featured a few good pike from Ennell, and this week we feature another big double. On the trout scene Lough Owel is still producing lovely fish. Plus a few stunning perch are lashing onto small lures trolled in deep water. On the competition scene Lough Ennell Anglers are in action next Sunday, and up for grabs is the O’Malley Cup. Breaking news last week on another Invasive species taking a shine to our waters. This time the Asian Clam has being found at the hot water stretch at Lanesborough, Co. Longford.

ENNELL PIKE. The Ennell pike have eventually woke up from their summer siesta and are latching on big lures trolled by pike anglers. I was out on Ennell last week for a few days, and photographed some super pike. Dave Egan was in the thick of the action and had 5 nice pike with 3 fish hitting the magical double figures. The best two fish fell to the old reliable silver spoon, so never leave home without a few in your tackle box. The pike were in mint condition, and really put our gear to the test. Other lures that worked well were savage eels, and some colorful hard baits.

OWEL PERCH AND TROUT. Lough Owel is drawing anglers from near and far as we drift into Mid September. I believe the Meath Topic that has our Angling Focus featured, is drifting around the canteen at Intel in Leixlip. Last weekend Matthias Maas was over from Germany doing some work at Intel, and decided to check out he angling in Westmeath. On the day Matthias caught a few lovely trout on Owel fly-fishing, and did a few hours trolling, which produced huge perch. Quite a few local anglers were also out over the weekend, and had cracking sport on the fly. This coming Saturday Lough Owel a National qualifier, and many anglers will be Out & About on Owel this week practicing.

ENNELL TROUT & O’MALLEY CUP. As mentioned earlier I was out on Ennell last week, and quite a few fish are showing across the Lake. Its not that they are taking the few Olives or Daddy longlegs that are on the surface, they are pitching right out of the water as you troll and drift across the lake. This coming Sunday Lough Ennell Trout Preservation Association will host the O’Malley Cup, so hopefully the trout will surface feed on the day. It’s an 11am start from Whitebridge Bay, and all boats back in the bay at 7pm. More on this drop into David O’Malley Tackle Center.

ENNELL ALGAL BLOOM. Over the years Lough Ennell has being prone to Algal blooms, and on some of the calmer days last week it was quite bad. The lake is quite low and down at the mouth of the River Brosna it’s completely choked up with heavy weed growth, and floating Algal. The Brosna its self is in a bad shape with serious weed growth, and some of the smaller feeder streams leading into the Brosna are covered with some sort of Algal Bloom.

ASIAN CLAM. Last week it was reported that another invasive species was found in Irish waters. This time around the Asiam Clam has settled in the famous Hot-Water stretch at Lanesborough, Co Longford. Inland Fisheries Ireland has prohibited angling at this stretch, and it will reopen at the earliest opportunity once bio-security measures for anglers can be introduced. These measures will include disinfection facilities for all angling equipment. More on this

THAT’S IT. Next week news from the Youths International Qualifier fished on Lough Bane. Some super rainbows were caught by some of Irelands finest young anglers, and if interested in joining up with I.T.F.F.A. youths fly fishing section. Please contact Frank Dempsey of Athlone on 087-2351830; you must be less than 18 years of age. Tight Lines till next week.


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