Yes, it’s all happening in the Angling World and the sooner Martin Daly’s barbers open the better as reports are coming in of Hairy Woolley Mammoths out on the lakes these days. Anglers who have hair are even growing them little goat beards too. The fishing was mind blowing last week, with some lovely Ennell trout taking May Fly. I also had a very unusual catch on Ennell which has anglers reeling as to what species it is. On Owel, John Dooner was out with his granddaughter Lauren Deacy and had a few lovely trout, as did Charlie Greville. The catch of the week was a huge brown trout from the supply which flows from Owel into the Royal Canal.

ENNELL TROUT: Lough Ennell has seen a lot of local anglers out for the May Fly season and some super trout were caught. A nice hatch of May Fly along Belvedere Shore, Point of Rinn and across on the Robinstown Shore produced the best fishing. Alan Tyrrell is in peak position when it comes to the number of trout caught last week. Alan is Vice- Competition Captain of Lough Ennell Trout Preservation Association and really knows the hot drifts on Ennell. Bernie Sweeney has also been getting a few nice fish from Ennell and is looking forward to the Welshman Button hatch next week, which the Ennell trout really take a shine to. Mullingar dentist Des Byrne, son of the late Danny Byrne, was also out on Ennell and had his first Ennell trout on the fly. Des had a couple of lovely May Fly Dry Life Imations he picked up while fishing on the Corrib last season. They are savage realistic looking and might just work again in the coming days as Spent May Fly will be drifting across Ennell.

ENNELL HYBRED: I have always said we really have no idea what is lurking in our lakes and rivers. Last week while doing an evening on Ennell with Des Byrne, I had a very unusual fish come up and take my dry May Fly.  Des and I saw the fish quite clearly take the fly and it looked fairly big, but when I struck into the fish I knew something was not right. Normally, a big Ennell trout would go ballistic and tear across the lake surface. This fish, just like a big pike, dug it’s heels in and held firm on my rod. When it did break the surface it looked like a big bream to me. I showed the picture that Des Byrne took to Sam Smith, who used to have Sam’s Tackle Shop in Harbour Street, who said it was a Bream Hybrid. Another angler also reckoned that as it has reddish eyes it is a roach/ bream hybrid. I will publish the photograph this week and Mullingar Coarse Anglers can check out this unusual Ennell fish. I will also send it to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee and get them to give their views.

OWEL TROUT: Lough Owel has also had quite a few anglers out on the lake, with reports of good olive hatches still along the Portloman shore and a scattering of May Fly up at Babson’s Point. The shallow area known as the Kettle is also producing some nice fish on the troll, as this area is a Mecca for small fry and shoals of sticklebacks which the trout feed hard on. John Dooner and pal Charlie Greville had some cracking trout on Owel, some up on 3lbs in weight. John’s granddaughter Lauren Deacy was also out on Owel and caught some nice fish.

HUGE SUPPLY BROWN TROUT: Local predator angler Barry Darby was on the supply last week with some of his young lads, who naturally are keen anglers. Barry and the Darby boys were float fishing for roach when Barry hooked and banked a huge brown trout 7lbs plus. It’s a beautiful looking brown trout and must go down as the best trout from the supply, which flows from Owel into the town stretch of the Royal Canal.

THAT’S IT: Another packed gallery of fishy pics this week and you have to admit, the Ennell Hybrid and supply trout are beautiful looking fish. Next week, more news on what type of hybrid the Ennell fish is, an uodate of news on the Spent fishing and Welshman Buttons plus news on the pike scene. Tight Lines until next week.

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